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This is Beyond the Patch: the podcast about synthesizers: modular and otherwise hosted by Karl Vorndran and Jon Sonnenberg. Each episode we talk about techniques, theory, history, and gear relating to synthesizers and electronic music. We aim for this podcast to help and inform both beginners and enthusiasts alike. Regular episode segments include: Patch of the Day Module Review Experimedia Track of the Week Synthesize This! Sound challenge. Breaking Patch Habits Patch in 60 Seconds And much more! Logo by Hannah M Haugberg
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Jul 7, 2016

This is Beyond the Patch: the podcast about synthesizers: modular and otherwise! 

Welcome to the first episode! This week we give a general overview of modular synthesizers. We know we can't cover everything in one episode, so we start by discussing some basics. There is so much we just could not cover in this overview. Don't worry, we will expand in great detail in future episodes.


0:00- Intro Music by Karl Vorndran

1:22- Patch of the Day

2:22- General overview of modular synthesizers

14:14- Module Category: Sound Sources

15:34- Module Review: Intellijel Dixie V1

23:12- Module Category: Processors

25:36- Module Category: Modulation Sources

29:20- Track of the Week: Venetian Snares - Traditional Synthesizer Music. Buy the album through here.

33:50- Contact Info

34:22- Synthesize This! Sound challenge. To participate, re-create the sound using any synthesis method. No sampling permitted for these challenges. Submit your sounds to

35:16 Outro music by Jon Sonnenberg

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