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This is Beyond the Patch: the podcast about synthesizers: modular and otherwise hosted by Karl Vorndran and Jon Sonnenberg. Each episode we talk about techniques, theory, history, and gear relating to synthesizers and electronic music. We aim for this podcast to help and inform both beginners and enthusiasts alike. Regular episode segments include: Patch of the Day Module Review Experimedia Track of the Week Synthesize This! Sound challenge. Breaking Patch Habits Patch in 60 Seconds And much more! Logo by Hannah M Haugberg
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Sep 7, 2016

This is the 2nd episode of Beyond the Patch the podcast about synthesizers: modular and otherwise!

Sorry for the delay in the August episode (it's September now, but don't worry, we will still have the September episode out at the end of the month.) This episode, we have 2 special guests, go on a field trip, and have several discussions related to getting more out of you oscillators/sound sources.

0:00- Intro Music by Karl Vorndran

0:11- Host Introductions 

0:44- News and Updates

1:10- Knobcon Synthesizer Convention. More information here.

2:37- Field Trip: with guest Ben Vehorn at Tangerine Sound Studios in Akron, OH

7:10- Featured Module: Mini Wave (and its many variations) Blacet/Wiard Frac VersionModcan Version

19:09- Patch of the Day: Going Deep with the Mini Wave

28:18- Track of the Week: Anthropoda from the album EARS by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. Buy the album through here. For information on her, check out her website.

34:06- First Impressions: with guest  Cory Juba and his new Moog Sub 37

46:06- Studio Tip and

51:50 Small System Discussion

103:56- Contact Info

104:40- Outro music by Karl Vorndran

Synthesize This! Sound Challenge: The deadline has been extended to Friday, September 16th.  To participate, re-create the sound using any synthesis method. No sampling permitted for these challenges. Submit your sounds to The segment can be found at the end of our first episode here at 34:22.

Beyond the Patch is proudly sponsored by an excellent place find and acquire new music!

Your Hosts: Karl Vorndran and Jon Sonnenberg

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